Winter Session: Methods for Teaching Adults

January 28-29

Friday 6-9 PM and Saturday 9 AM-4 PM

Session Cost: $10 Meals Provided
Host Church: Calvary Baptist Church

As we look ahead into the new year, we invite you to join us for our next Bible Conference. We are excited to have Dr. Ken Lowe back as our keynote speaker. This conference's focus will be Bible Study Methods for Teaching Adults. We will cover topics such as: 

  • The process a student goes through in learning.  
  • How to develop more creativity in the learning process.  
  • How to encourage the student to participate in the learning process.
  • How to organize a lesson that encourages and develops application of the Word of God. 
  • How to organize a series of lessons that spiritually develops the students. 
  • The importance of Bible Book Studies. 

This study is not just for those seeking to be teachers. It will help all those attending to better think through, explain, and apply Biblical truth. Our speaker is Dr. Ken Lowe. Ken has served in the local church both in Portugal as a missionary for 19 years and here in the States for 12. Ken is driven by a burden to help local churches grow and develop quality leaders. 

Our Vision

Koi-a-whata? Koinonia (prounced coin-no-knee-a) was the greek word used in Philippians 1:6 to describe the relationship the New Testament churches engaged in around the Gospel. It is translated “partnership.” The Gospel work brings and binds local churches together in close relationship with each other. We believe the local churches are to know, support, and enable each other’s ministries for the purpose of seeing the Gospel advanced individually in our local churches and throughout our region. We seek to identify common needs in our churches and work together to meet them. 

One of the first needs we see in our churches is that of developing men and women who are able to “teach others.” Part of effective discipleship is training and equipping leaders. We desire to work together to help equip our members to lead in their local churches. We have laid out a three phrase sequence of classes to help prepare our members with the knowledge and skills needed to advance the Gospel in their local churches.

While leadership training is a stepping-off point for our partnership, we do not at all see it as the ending point. We stand anticipating how the Gospel calling will grow and shape our partnership as a group of churches in the future. 

Scope and Sequence

This class is just the first in a series of classes we have planned in preparing church members for ministry. Here is a look at some of the future sessions for stage 1 training: 

Basics of Biblical Counseling (Spring 2022)

This course will expose the student to basic concepts of Biblical Counseling and help in applying these concepts to his life.

Overview of Basic Theology (Contact Partnering Church)

Each church is offering a personal class through the fundamentals of Biblical theology. The goal of this class is to help students understand the major Bible beliefs and have the ability to summarize them.

Acts: Church Planting and Mission

Through this study the student will have a good awareness of how the church developed and expanded in the first century as is presented in the book of Acts. There will also be an explanation of the theology of the Holy Spirit and the church.

Partnering Churches

This event is not just the effort of one, but a partnership between many. Here are some churches working together and striving to equip each other:

Calvary Baptist Church - Lancaster, OH

Mogadore Baptist Church - Akron, OH

New Harmony Baptist Church - Caldwell, OH

Walnut Creek Baptist Church - Baltimore, OH